Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The fab Krissy V ~ Tilll Death Us Do Part ~ **Giveaway**

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Tilll Death Us Do Part

When Tasha marries the man of her dreams she expects to be with him forever. He loves her, protects her and makes her laugh ...
Until they get married. How had he been able to hide this part of himself for so long? He conned them all!

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She is a mother to two young children, who in turn keep her young. She lives in Dublin, Ireland, but she's originally from South Devon in the UK. She works full time in a pharmacy and writes in all her spare time, in her lunch hour, when watching TV at night and anywhere the urge takes her.

She is always thinking of situations that be turned into a story and has started a few stories, which in turn will be completed and released to her readers.  

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