Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Fun With **Rebecca Sherwin**

It’s that time of year again and for fun, I have come up with some Christmas questions for our Authors & PA’s,! and here are the Answers…
Enjoy and Merry Christmas
from Cherry0Blossoms xoxo

Christmas Fun with the lovely Rebecca Sherwin..

When Do You Start Shopping For Christmas?
Usually the day before Christmas Eve!

Have You Ever Recycled A Christmas Present?
I don't think I have! Either because I've received good gifts, or they've wound up somewhere never to be seen again haha

Favourite Gift Received As A Child?
I was obsessed with WWE as a kid and I remember being insanely
happy when I opened Lita's autobiography on Christmas morning.

Hardest Person To Buy For?
Probably my mum. She's really fussy! She likes what she likes and if you buy the wrong thing she'll tell you!

What's Your Favourite Part About Christmas?
The build-up. I love the couple of weeks before Christmas when the excitement is building, there are plenty of opportunities to watch Christmas movies, and you've still got time to plan gifts and meet-ups.

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions?
My family and I go out for dinner on Christmas Eve every year. We go with friends, there's plenty of wine and we walk to church afterwards to light a candle for my grandfather. When we get home, we sprinkle
'reindeer food' (oats and gliiter) in the front garden, and set out the magic key so Father Christmas can get in the front door :)

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Food?
Either the little bits of party food that go straight from the freezer to the oven. Or churros. With cinnamon and sugar. Yeah, definitely the churros.

Favourite Christmas Song?
Jackson 5's Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Favourite Christmas Film?
Elf! Or Bad Santa...or The Holiday...or
...can you tell I like Christmas movies? ;)

Have You Ever Been Kissed Under The Mistletoe?
*pouts* No

What Would You Like To Find In Your Christmas Stocking?
Tom Hardy

Would You Be On Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List?
Definitely the naughty list. I think the nice list is overrated ;)

It's The Office Christmas Party, Who Do You Have Hot Sex With In
The Supply Cupboard? (Can Be Anyone You Want)
Haha. Now that would be telling!

Satan Has Come Over To Play. Are You Submissive Or
The Dominant?

Which Hottie Would You Love To Dress Up As Your Santa?
Tom Hardy. Or there's this guy, I like to call him Tiger...I'd love to see him dressed as Santa!

What Book Character Would You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?
Well, it'd have to be my own. I'd love to get Cut Throat Curtis under the mistletoe!

Quick Fire Questions

Wrapping Paper Or Gift Bags?
Wrapping paper

Real Tree Or Artificial?
Artificial with scenticals :)

Lights On The Tree (Coloured or Clear?)

Steady Lights Or Twinkling?

Angel, Star Or Ribbon On Top Of The Tree?

Open Presents Christmas Eve Or Morning?
Christmas morning

Sprouts - Delicious Or Evil?
Evil! The devil returns as a vegetable. Bleugh!

Egg Nog or Mulled Wine?
Mulled wine. I have no idea what egg nog tastes like.

Turkey Or Ham?

Dress up Or Casual?

Somewhere between the two! A dress on my body and slippers on my feet!

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