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Cover Reveal for WHEN SPARKS FLY by J.A. Essen

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Title: When Sparks Fly (First-Responders #1)
Author: J.A. Essen
Genre: Erotica Menage
Release Date: September 1, 2016
Cover Design: Essen-tial Design
The First-Responders is a contemporary romance, novella series. Each book will be able to be read as a standalone. Book 1 is about Macy, a graduate student and soon to be elementary school teacher, and Seth, a firefighter.
Macy has had a rough go of it with boyfriends lately. "Bad luck or no luck at all" seems to be her constant go-to phrase. Seth is a firefighter at a Santa Barbara sub station, and is pretty much the Greek god Adonis come-to-life in Macy's eyes. The question is, though, how to get him to notice her. There is an electric current in the air from the first moment they meet. Seth is a perfect gentleman and Macy, as always, falls hard... both figuratively and literally. But it doesn't take long for things to start falling apart. Unexpected surprises lead her down a road she had never even considered. Macy has a decision to make once her rose-colored glasses have been removed. Will she, or won't she? Sparks are definitely going to fly!
I can’t wait a moment longer. I unbuckle my seat belt and climb across the console, right onto his lap, placing one knee between the console and seat and the other between the seat and door. I settle all the way down onto his very apparent erection. He palms my breasts with both hands as I go for his mouth with gusto. He sucked on a peppermint after we left the restaurant, and I can taste all of the minty flavor as I slide my tongue into his mouth. Our lips slide across one another’s as our tongues dance in unison. I start to grind myself on his lap, and Seth slides his hands around my body and down my back. Gathering my dress up, he grabs ahold of my ass with one hand and a hip with the other, controlling my movements, and prolonging the sweet torture. I lean back, pressing myself deeper into Seth as I stroke myself on his hardened length. His hands gravitate back to the front, one residing on my chest, the other sliding two fingers into my mouth, which I greedily suck. Arching my back as a moan slips out of my mouth, I inadvertently honk the horn in the process. “Oops! Guess the Hummer’s as horny as we are.” Seth chuckles at my comment. He opens the door, and I wrap my legs around him as we exit. Pressing a button on the wall by the door leading inside, he closes the garage door and then the door leading inside. He lets me slide down his body once we make it to the living room. I do my best to stand on trembling legs. “Just a quick tour then, huh?” Seth points around to the kitchen, bathroom, and etcetera. “Now, why don’t we deal with this.” As he grabs the hem of my dress at the hips, I hold my arms up for him, ready to be disrobed. He lets out a long whistle as the material passes over my perfectly waxed pussy. “Jesus Christ!” he groans. “You haven’t had panties on all night?” “Nope,” I say from behind the gathered material. He continues to pull up and has to give a little tug when he gets to the top. My tits burst forth, sagging to my chest just marginally. “Oopsie. Guess I forgot my bra, too.” I bite my nail as he throws the yellow material onto his couch. “Fuck. Me. Sideways.” Seth steps forward and leans into me, taking first one, then the other nipple into his mouth with a quick suck and pop on each. “These are the most mouth-wateringly perfect tits I’ve ever laid eyes on, Macy.” I grab the top button on Seth’s shirt and start undoing them, one by one. Reaching the bottom, I pull up to remove the rest of the material from his slacks and start peppering his gorgeous, muscular stomach with little nips of my teeth. He slides his arms out of his shirt as I unhook his belt. After sliding the clasp of his slacks apart, I drop to my knees, using my teeth to grab his zipper and slowly drag it down. The bulge pressing forward against my lips is impressive. Grasping two belt loops, I glide his slacks to the floor. He steps out, leaving him standing model-perfect in just CK boxer briefs. To say I’m turned on would be a gross understatement. I run my hand up and down along the protruding outline of his cock behind the deep blue material. He grows even longer, the head now peeking out of the top of the elastic of the briefs. Unable to restrain myself, I give it a quick lick with just the tip of my tongue and feel him flinch. “Tease.” He looks down at me with those deep, chocolate eyes. “Come here.” He offers me his hand, and we walk over to the large, leather sectional. He takes a seat sinking down and forward slightly. He lays his head on the back cushion, and motions me over. “Step up here. I want to taste that beautiful, smooth pussy.” I’m not about to deny anything Seth wants, or that I desperately need for that matter, so I quickly climb up over his body. Grabbing my curvy hips, he pulls me down greedily onto his face. He runs his nose up my glistening center before suddenly taking my clit between his covered teeth and sucking… HARD. “Shit!” My whole body shivers from the shock. He slaps my ass before locking onto both cheeks with his hands. Pulling me down entirely onto his mouth, he slides his tongue in as deep as it will go. I grab a full hand of hair and start grinding my pussy on his lips, his perfectly trimmed facial hair tickling my inner thighs and drives me forward to what is obviously going to be a… “Holy fuck, Seth!” My legs give way, and he is forced to hold me up on his own. What felt like a small tingle starting in my stomach a moment ago suddenly, and forcefully, erupts into a mind-numbing orgasm as I feel his finger slide in between my cheeks and press against my asshole. “I’ve never come that fast in my life,” I mumble as I slide down his body and settle onto his lap. I take his hand and put it on my chest. “Thank you.” He takes his other hand and wipes his mouth, licking what is left of me off his fingers. “Trust me; the pleasure was mutual. So, what’s next?” His eyes are full of mischief and lust as he palms my breasts and begins tracing my peaked nipples with his thumbs.  
About The Author
I’m 35 and live in Texas where I run a restaurant 5 days a week. I have been married to my amazing wife for going on 12 years and have two great little boys who keep us on our toes. I started writing last year after my wife, Author Marie James, had been doing so for a year. I enjoyed writing short stories in middle school and high school, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. After reading her books, along with three of my other favorite authors, MNever, CJ Roberts, and JA Huss, I began writing romance and erotica. I have a total of 12 novellas planned right now in 4 different series. Some Rom-Com, some sports romance, and definitely some KINK! Just a heads up when reading though: Be sure to like my Facebook page ( ) to keep up-to-date on all your ESSEN-tial reading needs.  
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