Saturday 17 September 2016

Bethany James - My Personal Bad Boy - Cover Reveal

Title: My Personal Bad Boy
Author: Bethany James
Release Date: Sept 30, 2016
I’m searching for wingman or woman. I’m seeking corruption and I want you to be my guide. I’m average, from my average height, to my average weight, to my average hair and my average clothes. I spent New Year’s babysitting when I wanted to be anywhere else.
I want a tattoo or maybe a piercing. I want to kiss a girl and have a one-night stand, not necessarily in that order. I’m not a virgin but I may as well be. I want to experiment and gain experience. I’m sick of being the wallflower. I want to be so confident with myself and my sexuality that when I walk into a room head’s turn. Most of all, I want to live.
Reply to this message if you think you have what it takes.
“You ever cum with just a cock?”
How he thinks I can hold a conversation at this point is beyond me. My mouth is too busy trying to breathe so I shake my head.
“I like a challenge,” he replies and then moves his arm, changing the angle I’m bent at.
My face hovers above his mattress as he continues to drive into me. God, it’s good, so good but I doubt his ability to locate my elusive g spot.
Each of my long-term boyfriends tried, repeatedly. Granted, they were working with knives in comparison to the sword Wes carries between his legs.
He loosens his grip on my hands, freeing one. “Hold yourself up.”
The moment my hand is on the mattress he lets go of my other hand, then both of my legs are up and he’s taking me like he was pushing a fucking wheelbarrow.
My awareness of my own body shifts and with startling clarity recognizes what he’s done.
“Oh fuck, that’s it,” I gasp.
Houston, Wes has located my fucking G spot.
My reaction spurs him on, his fingers digging into the tops of my thighs as his dick hammers uncharted territory. After that, it doesn’t take long.
This orgasm is different than the one he gave me with his mouth. Instead of waves that pulse out from my sex, there’s a weight that grows in my core.
It both tingles and heats me from within and then, at its peak I cum, tightening around his cock as the warmth travels outward from my center.
It tickles my clit, and fills my belly with warmth, it makes my breasts feel heavy and my nipples tingle. My legs? They’ve disappeared altogether except for tension in my feet as my toes curl.
“Fuck,” Wes groans, his hips jerking the same way they had earlier when he came.
He doesn’t pull out, but lowers my knees back to the bed. Folding forward, I press my cheek to his bed.
His hands come to rest on the cheeks of my ass. He rubs them, and runs his finger down the crack of my ass. When it reaches my anus he circles the skin around my hole.
“Anyone ever fuck your ass?” He asks.
I’m too wrecked to pull away, not that I wanted to. “No.”
His finger presses against my hole but not in. “Bad girls love anal.”
I can’t help it, I laugh. He moves his finger away and goes back to stroking my cheeks.
“You good to drive home?” He asks.
If I was any less sated I might have stiffened at his nonchalance. Instead, I appreciate it.
“I need the feeling to come back into my legs first. Then I’m good.”
He chuckles giving both of my cheeks a squeeze before pulling out. With a soft push of his hand, I topple over to one side. Boneless, I stay there, unconcerned with my nudity.
Wes moves around the bed, pinching the tip of the condom and pulling it off. He ties a knot at the end and then tosses it somewhere, hopefully in a trashcan but I don’t lift my head to confirm it.
His cock is soft now, and way less intimidating. Part of me feels like I deserve one of the tee-shirts you can buy after riding a rollercoaster, I survived the Wesosuarus Cock, or something like that.
Bethany James was born and raised Florida, currently residing in Tampa. When she isn’t writing you can most likely find her with her nose buried in a book.

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