Friday 29 November 2013

L. Chapman ~ Do you Believe ~ Cover Reveal

Do you Believe? (A Believe Christmas special)

  For Megan, the time she has long dreamed of is finally here. Come watch the power of friendship evolve and discover how significant a true family bond is. You’ll see Mark and Megan as they lead little Lucy through the joys of the holiday season. With the impending holiday just a day away, there are a lot of enjoyable family events planned. Come and relish this special day with the entire gang from the Believe Series. Get to know the characters you’ve grown to love even more, while meeting new, fresh faces at the same time. For the Believe family, will they all get the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of?

Trust (Believe #1)  


Veiled (Believe #2)


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 L. Chapman was born in and continues to live in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She has spent most of her life helping others at one time, a DJ for a special needs club. Blending her love of helping others and her love of children, L dreams to one day own and operate a childcare nursery that will help mainstream special needs children with others. In the rare times that L. is not working to help others or maniacally writing, she enjoys making a mess of things while creating beautifully detailed greeting cards. She spends time relaxing with family, friends, and good books. L. loves to travel and has been to many places in the United Kingdom; her favorite places all involve the ocean. She hopes to one day share a kiss with her happily-ever-after in the romantic shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Should she ever get over her fear of flying, those kisses may be shared in the shadows of the Egyptian Pyramids. Ever the fussy eater, L. has never once tasted peanut butter, and she despises coffee. If you should feel the need to bribe her, it is suggested that you bring chocolate, as that is one of her known weaknesses.

Do you believe is part of the believe series Book 1 - Trust Book 2 - Veiled Book 3 - TBR -early 2014

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Nicole Andrews Moore ~ Shards of My Heart ~ Blitz

When I took the vows for better or worse, I meant them. Then I started to wonder if there was a limit as to how much worse I was supposed to endure. Am I supposed to stay if worse means that me and my daughter are in danger? What if the worse was because of a mental illness? When is enough simply too much?

This is a different kind of love story. Read Nina’s journals for a tale of hope, strength of spirit, and unconditional love.

Nicole has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for the past twelve years and now...she lives in secrecy in another state.
  Her journey of elf-discovery and recovery has barely begun and she faces it with her head held high, her shoulders back, a smile on her face, and hope in her heart. Every day of her life seems to bring new adventures, some bigger, better, shinier and prettier than others. 

For fun, she spends time with those she cares about, cooks, reads, writes, and especially lives to travel. The current travel goal: visit every Margaritaville. Three down! (Eleven to go?)

In May, Nicki started the blog Stories and Swag to promote authors. Several months later, she started Stories and Swag Tours, a blog tour company offering cover reveals, release blitzes, release parties on Facebook, and blog tours. In addition, she started Dominatrix Publishing, a boutique publishing company, to help other authors achieve publishing success.

Her writing can also be found on Shine, where she is a Shine Parenting Guru and an award winning Yahoo! Contributor on YourWisdom as the relationship and dating expert. In addition, she has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers. 

Her books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Smashwords in ebook, paperback, and even some audiobooks.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Isabella Delvino ~ Across the Pond ~ Cover Reveal

Cambria Cosgrove is a successful fashion blogger from Pasadena, the land of sun and the famous Rose Parade.  Unhappy in her marriage, Cambria has finally made the bold decision to leave her husband Carter in spite of her good catholic girl upbringing.  She just dropped divorce papers on the kitchen counter this morning and hopped on a plane to London with her best friend. 

On their first night out in Notting Hill, Cambria meets an exotic, dark-haired musician by the name of Zander Slayne but Cambria has absolutely no desire in getting involved with another man, especially so soon after leaving her husband. 

Zander puts the Bad in Bad Boy with his various tattoos and smoldering looks.  He is so not her type and besides, the ink isn't even dry on the divorce papers yet.  But Zander is relentless. 

Meanwhile, back home in Pasadena, Carter is frantic and will do just about anything to get Cambria back.  He's got problems of his own but focuses his attention on Cambria and refuses to believe she no longer loves him. 

Isabella Delvino is not your typical author.  Although she did not spend her childhood with her nose in a book, she was always creating stories in her head.  Her first "publishing success" was winning a monthly writing contest for BOP magazine at the age of fifteen.  It was a very short paragraph (about a certain boy band) but she won.  No, she hasn't been writing ever since but hey, better late than never.  Isabella graduated from The University of Southern California and has been a career Stay-At-Home mom and proud of it.  She lives with her husband, two kids and three dogs in A suburb of Los Angeles.  She's usually reading, watching Netflix and cuddling with her kids.  You can catch her at Starbucks every Wednesday at 3:15 or there abouts.

Monday 25 November 2013

Cover Reveal for Not Enough ~ Leigh Ann Lunsford

Brielle Parker has her life in front of her; she just does not know how to live it. After years of not being enough for her parents, or the dreams she once had, how did one man Colby James show her she was actually more than enough?

Raised by her grandparents with her three siblings, Brielle was loved, no doubt. However, her grandparents were taken too soon, and she was left with her older sibling to try to raise her younger ones. She couldn't help but let the doubts take over her life. Would she ever be enough? Then Colby walked in and changed everything, and just when she was facing her fears and falling in love for the first time, Colby ripped her heart out. 

Will they be able to get past their mistakes to live the life they both want? Did Colby finally break Brielle when all he wanted to do was protect and love her? You can rebound from some mistakes, but some you just have to learn from and walk away. The love they have is true and pure, but will they finally be enough for each other?

Leigh Ann Lunsford is stay at home mom turned author. She writes Romance/New Adult and loves her happily ever after in all books and movies. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs in Fleming Island, Florida. When she isn't writing or reading you can find her stuck in front of really bad reality shows or watching Sons of Anarchy. Leigh Ann has a filthy mouth and a huge amount of sarcasm that knows no end. She hopes to give the voices in her head an outlet with many more novels to come.

Antoinette Candela ~ Wanting Reed ~ Cover Reveal

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to."
How do you live with yourself when you are the reason you lost the one person that meant the most to you?
Timing is everything and for Reed, he can never seem to catch a break. When he returns to Boston to redeem himself, he discovers that Elle has already moved on, building a new life and a new beginning. He needs her to know that he meant every word he said before he left and that he never meant to leave her. Will he ever get that chance to tell her?
How do you love again when the one person who made you feel like you were his entire world left you with a broken heart? Hoping that life and new friends can keep her memories and feelings for Reed at bay, Elle chases life and all that it has to offer until she is confronted with heartbreak again.
Are time and space enough to get past losing your once in a lifetime, or will Elle always be Wanting Reed?

Have you read book one in the series?

How is it that the one person who you have avoided is the same person who could give you true happiness?

When Elle Bennett meets Reed Austin she can't deny the attraction. She discovers that certain people come into your life who make you question everything that you've ever believed about love and life. Will she risk everything for something exciting and dangerous or will she choose what is familiar and secure? 

Reed Austin isn't looking for love when he moves to Boston. The distance was supposed to help him escape the trouble he left behind. Once he meets, Elle, everything changes. Reed can't figure out why he's drawn to Elle, but one thing is certain - he needs her.

Passion. Betrayal. Solace. Confusion. Desperation. 

Love and life are not simple and emotions and relationships are tested. Will attraction be enough or will their secrets and past keep them apart?

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Antoinette Candela is a little shy with a larger than life personality. 
Suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, she refuses to grow up. She finds inspiration for her writings from everyday life, through her fun and quirky interactions with friends and family and the drama that never ceases to disappoint.
One thing is for certain, Antoinette lives by her own rules. 
As a Bostonian she loves the Yankees and is proud to wear her I Love Derek Jeter T-shirt.
 You can catch Antoinette on the beach soaking in the rays, but when the rumble of the thunderstorm rolls in, shes curled up with a book or tapping away on her keyboard.

Mother, Writer, Reader, Lover of Music and all things learning, Antoinette is the charismatic author of Breaking Elle.

Dawn Robertson ~ Finding Willow ~ Release Day Blitz

Sex is all I have ever known. 
It started at an early age, and never stopped.
Men, women, threesomes, foursomes, orgies. Fuck it, whatever goes.

Twenty eight years old and nothing to show for my life but a fat bank account, and an impressive porn catalogue; all featuring yours truly; Starburst Bloom.

I'm at a crossroads, and I have a choice to make. I choose salvation.
I choose life. I choose myself, for the first time ever.

I will find her. I will find the life I was forced to give up. 
I just pray that he stays out of my way.

Finding Willow is for 18+ audiences. 
There is a mild abuse flashback, which may not be suitable for all readers.

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Dawn Robertson is a twenty-something indie erotic romance, and mother.  She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her kids, and Pitbull puppy.

Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids (or being run over by their power wheels),  reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop (or dragging her Macbook to the Genius bar praying they can save her latest work in progress), or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life.

Sunday 24 November 2013


From a broken home, Victoria Wright knows how to survive. Realizing at a young age that her looks attracted men, she learned how to manipulate and seduce men to make it. Working as a high class hooker, to a stripper, to a bartender, Victoria has been making good money for years. Until her best friend and husband die in a car accident, leaving Victoria the caretaker of their eight year old daughter. Convinced her wild life is not good enough for Kendall, Victoria manages to get a position at Townsend Realty Co. Her attraction to Mr. Townsend, Mr. Hurley’s step-brother, is instantaneous and overwhelming. But, after five years of nothing but professionalism, Victoria is convinced he wants nothing to do with her romantically. When money tightens, however, Victoria finds herself dragged back into her old life. Mr. Townsend understands her need for more money, and propositions her…Be with him and only him for weekly cash. It’s an offer she can’t or doesn’t want to refuse. But, what happens when a woman who has only had sex for money finds herself falling in love with her powerful, wealthy, handsome boss? What happens when the money is no longer enough? 
Find out in Office Perks with Miss Victoria Wright, Mr. Townsend, and a cast of lovable characters. Cameos from the Hurley family found in SL Siwik’s Winning Back series. 

Miss Victoria Wright 
I missed him. He had been gone away too long, even though I know why he had to be away. Without him here for the week, I am so caught up on work that I’m actually ahead. But, because he wasn’t here, he is now weeks behind. I gaze into his office longingly, wanting to feel connected to him again. A week felt like eternity without his touch. Should I leave him be, or let him know just how much I need him? Worst case scenario, he says no.  Right now, that’s not enough to stop me.  I unbutton the top three buttons of my dress shirt.  Knowing that he doesn’t have an appointment for two more hours, I walk into his office. Glancing up from his computer, he questions me with his eyes. Smiling, I slide across his desk, placing my heels down on the sides of his chair armrest, giving him a peek of my panties.  Blaze stops typing, glancing up at me with a gaze so heated, my insides clench in excitement 
My fingers run down his red silk tie. “I’ve really missed you,” I say, my voice full of longing. His hands glide up my thighs tenderly caressing me before he grabs at my flesh, unable to hide his sexual frustration.  I pout. “I had no one to tell me what to do all week.” Yanking on his tie, I pull him closer to me as I whisper in his ear, “And you know a woman like me shouldn’t be left unsupervised.” 
His brow lifts at my statement as a smile graces his lips. “Do you need to be put back in your place, Miss Wright?” 
Biting my lower lip, I nod. “Yes, sir.” Blaze stands up, his bulging erection near my mouth. Unable to resist myself, I trail my hand over his hardness. He undoes his belt, sliding it off his pants and takes each wrist, holding them together above my head.  
“When I’m done with you, you’ll remember who’s boss around here.” His deep voice caresses my ear like velvet. 
A violent shiver rips through my body. Yes, Blaze, take me. I miss your touch so much. 
He wraps his belt around my wrists, securing it tightly. “Green light?” he asks, his hand trailing down my raised arm. 
Releasing a shaky breath, I reply, “Green fucking light, Blaze.” 
He chuckles, stroking hair out of my face. “You really have missed me.” 
“You have no idea. I missed you every single second since you left.” I wait for what he will do next while I remain helpless and bound on his desk. 
Blaze yanks the open lapels of my shirt back, exposing my breasts. I gasp at his forcefulness while deft fingers move down the clasped buttons, undoing them in seconds flat. You have haunted my sleep for a week straight, Victoria. I have had no peace since I left. Not. One. Second. Of. Peace.” 
My heart hammers in my chest as my body aches for more of his touch. “I’m sorry, sir.” 
“You’re going to be sorry, that’s for sure.” His teeth scrape along my shoulder before he yanks my hair back hard. My body bows to his force as I gasp loudly. “No more talking unless it’s green, yellow, or red,” he instructs. Whimpering in excitement, I nod my head as his teeth nip my ear lobe. Blaze squeezes both my breasts hard before massaging them. He picks me up by my waist, and turns me around. Sitting down in his chair, he pulls me down with him. Gently, he places my restrained arms around his head. I can’t see him, making it all the more exciting. It’s also frustrating, too, because I want to look into his eyes, to see his heated gaze. Peering out into the office, the front door is in sight. If anyone walks in, they will see me exposed- naked and pliant on his lap. I hear his ragged breath in my ear and I feel so close to him after a week of his absence while nestled against his hard chest. Blaze hooks his fingers underneath my bra straps and yanks them down off my shoulders.  
Mmm. I see you dressed for me,” he says, glancing down at my sheer lace bra with burgundy embroidery. I nod, whimpering as he fondles my breast. His hand slides underneath my bra cup, curving around my swell as he cups my breast before pulling it out.  Tweaking my nipple, he twirls it around in my fingertips. And just as my nipple pebbles under his touch, he lets go, and my body cries out for his touch. He grabs my breast tightly, as his other hand slaps my nipple hard, and then strokes it in a caressing manner. I gasp in shock, but he pauses… 
“Green,” I wail out, as my panties dampen in excitement. 
He slaps my nipple again, harder this time, before stroking it. All I can do is glance down, watching helplessly. My breasts ache from the swelling he’s causing. The feeling is overwhelming, the pain followed instantaneously by the soothing pleasure. The leather belt is tight against my wrist, but it doesn’t hurt, only reminds me of how constricted I am. How completely and totally I am at his mercy. He smacks my nipple again before soothing. Both of his hands leisurely travel down my body, and my muscles quiver in excitement everywhere that he touches as I wait to see what he does next. He yanks my skirt up to my hips.  “Very nice,” he murmurs at the matching thong, thigh highs, and garter strap. His fingers run along the lace at the top of my stockings towards my inner thighs and I sigh at how gentle his touch his. Without warning, he yanks my legs apart wide, so I’m spread out on his lap 
“You will stay like this, because all of this is mine. Do you understand?” he says in my ear while his hand strokes me over my panties. 
I am so aroused that I can barely speak. “Yes, sir.” 
“Say it.” He strokes me more aggressively now. “Tell me that you’re mine.” 
I whimper. Trying to speak, I stammer out, “I’m yours, Blaze. All of me.” 
“Good girl,” he murmurs as he bends my arms, slipping them off his neck. Bending my upper body over the side of the chair, he sucks my nipple. I feel the pull in my arms and ache in my back from being bowed in this awkward position, but I love it. I relish the ache in my muscles. I know it means the release will only be better. His neck is right by my mouth. I can’t stop myself as I lean in nipping his skin, wanting a kiss. His tongue stops laving my sensitive flesh, and he slaps me hard across my nipple. I cry out as my clit throbs. “Did I tell you to touch me?” 
“Sorry, sir,” I breathe out in frustration.  “For that, you’ll be punished.” I glance up, watching him in frustration, taking off his neck tie. My body shivers in excitement as he slides it over my eyes, the soft silk kissing my skin. He tightens the excess so that it is tight over my eyes.  
“Keep misbehaving and I’ll keep you laid out on my desk all day while I work. You can listen to my fingers typing on the keyboard as you ache for my touch. Believe it.” 
I want to have this man’s children the second those words roll of his tongue.  
Left in suspense, I wait for what will come next. Blaze has me, his hard cock now pressed against my assHis hand gently wraps around my neck and holds me still, while he waits patiently… 
“Yellow,” I say, though not feeling frightened, “No tighter, please.” I’m not scared or turned off by what he’s doing, but I have been choked to the point of passing out. It is a horrifying feeling. 
His other hand runs up my spine underneath my shirt, his touch so loving and intimate against my naked skin. Blaze then lets go of my throat and yanks my hair back.   
His finger slips beneath my panties, as his tongue twirls around my nipple. As his digit dips inside me, he smiles. “Someone enjoys the boss being back.” 
I shake with need, desire, yearning…he’s going to torture me to death with waiting as my thighs slicken with my desire. His fingers pull my panties to the side, exposing my swollen lips.  
“So beautiful,” he rasps out, his voice full of emotion before his fingertips slide across my lips. “Keep your legs spread apart or I’ll stop,” he warns, and I spread my legs wider. 
His fingers glide between my sex before they widen, spreading me apart, exposing my clit to him. They swirl round in a circular motion, slow, almost lazily.  “I’ve been denied you for a long time, Miss Wright. So, you’ll accept me taking my time.” His words are husky, full of emotion. 
“Yes, sir. Whatever you desire.” I never want this love affair to end. 
His fingers slip inside me as I fight back a loud groan. I know if I make a sound, I’ll be punished with his hands off of me. Fingers slip inside me, and he knows my body so well by now, he instantly brushes against the places inside me that make me wild with need. I can feel his hardened erection against my body, hear his labored breaths. I know he wants to be inside me just as much as I want him to. But, he wants to give me this first. He always wants to give me. 
My hips start grinding against his fingers inside me, forcing him to move faster. His other hand holds my hip down forcefully. I try not to protest. 
“Control yourself or I’ll stop.” 
I bite my lower lip to keep from reacting verbally as the phone rings. I’m not exactly in a position to answer it now. Blaze picks me up and lays me over the desk, my belly and breasts against the unyielding mahogany wood. 
With my eyes still covered, I hear, “Townsend Realty Company. Mr. Townsend speaking. How may I help you?”  
Hearing him answer his own phone, because me, the secretary, is bound ass up over his desk arouses me to the point of nearly coming. 

Five Fun Facts: 
I am a chocoholic. I have reserve stashes strewn about my house.
I grew up horse-back riding and competed seriously. Instead of turning pro, I went to college instead.
My favorite color is purple.
I have thirteen piercings on my body-9 in my ears, 1 in my nose, 1 in my labret, 2 in my belly button.
Large crowds make me nervous. 

I live in NJ with my husband, daughter, and two dogs. I like going to diners on the weekend for inspiration, drink a pot of coffee a day, and hate referring to myself in the third person. 

I also have a university degree in sarcasm and enjoy using my smart mouth whenever an opportunity arises.

Office Perks, and Sirens and Sweethearts are soon to be released.