Sunday 21 August 2016

Say When by Amy Vanessa Miller

Title: Say When
Series: Markson Grove #2
Author: Amy Vanessa Miller
Release Date: Aug 16, 2016
Every single part of me is his and every single part of him is mine.
But we’re broken...
Emilia Davenport and Oliver Paxton have always had a unique kind of love. It blossomed during childhood and has only grown stronger through the years. They thought they were indestructible, so they promised each other forever.
When someone they trust rips their world apart unexpectedly, both Emmy and Ollie desperately attempt to salvage what’s left of their once unwavering love. What remains is nothing like it used to be – it’s dark and hateful and broken beyond repair.
A new start at Hudson University is exactly what they need, but new friendships prove to hinder rather than fix. Forever just might not be a part of their equation anymore.
Maybe love isn’t enough.
Maybe it never was.
**May be read as a standalone**
“I’m done,” she said with disgust, moving toward the door. 
“Where are you going?” I called out after her.
“I’m leaving you.” 
I followed her, attempting to grab her arm to hold her back. “Emmy, she’s a nobody. She was grinding against me. I didn’t even give her the time of day. She kissed my neck a few times…that’s all.” 
“And you let her!” Emmy growled, turning abruptly and punching me in the mouth so hard that it drew blood.
I stared at her in shock, bringing my fingers to my fast swelling lip. I slowly wiped away the blood seeping out of the cut. Did she honestly just hit me because I let a girl grind on me? How the fuck did she figure she’d have the right to go there after everything she’d done to me? 
Fucking bitch.
I shoved her hard, slamming her body onto the bed behind her. She let out a gasp as the air escaped her lungs from the impact. I quickly climbed on top of her and pinned her down.
She writhed beneath me.
“You’re mine,” she hissed as she struggled to break free.
“And you’re mine,” I said just as possessively. 
“Forever,” she added. 
“Yes,” I assured her.
I stared into her eyes as she stared back at me. I couldn’t be sure if I wanted to hit her or to fuck her. I didn’t know which urge was more prominent. But the moment sex occurred to me I began to feel my cock stirring in my pants and I knew that fucking was the dominating urge. 
I ripped open her pajama top, scattering the buttons all around us at the same moment that she slammed her mouth onto mine. I yanked off her panties and without hesitation, crashed into her, claiming what was mine and making her feel every ounce of my contempt toward her. 
She groaned, throwing her head back as she allowed her body to submit to me. We fucked hard, panting and groaning through our need. 
I lifted her up off the bed and positioned her in a way that she was straddling me while I continued to thrust angrily into her. She held me as close as she possibly could, her legs wrapped around my waist tightly, as I continued to fuck her without conviction. I pounded every ounce of anger I was feeling toward her. I was beyond pissed, and with every angry thrust, she was made aware of just how much. She grasped my hair and pulled it hard as she reached her climax. I began to fuck her faster and even harder than before, bringing myself to my final moment as well. 
And then, after it was all over, we collapsed onto the bed together gasping for air and struggling for words. That was dark, and far beyond anything we’ve ever done to each other before.
I reached for her face to stroke it softly but she instantly turned away. “Off,” she whispered quietly. 
“Emmy,” I began to protest but she cut me off quickly. 
“I said we’re off!” she growled.
Amy Vanessa Miller resides in a small and cozy town in the most northern region of New Brunswick, Canada, where cold and snow takes over for nearly eight months of the year. She is married to a loving and supportive man whom she’d be lost without; they have one handsome son together.
When she isn’t being mom and wife, or working at her day job, Amy can be found either curled up on the couch with a good book, writing imaginary characters for others to fall in love with, or binge watching television shows on Netflix.
Say When is her second published novel.

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