Friday 25 November 2016

RELEASE BLITZ-Disgraceful by Dee Palmer


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After the dust settles on the most erotic night in her life, a fantasy-fulfilling experience that not only brought Sam back to life, but also laid her brutal demons to rest. Her lust for life returns with her irrepressible passion and she embraces the changes in her life, almost without reservation…almost.

Jason Sinclair is just the Dominant to take a woman like Sam on. She’s fearless and feisty, but when she lost herself, he nearly lost her all over again. By giving her that one night, he became more than her savior…he became her everything. Opening her up to what the future could hold with a potential life of hedonistic heaven together.

Or could one fantasy have been too far? Can the two super kinky souls really settle down together?

As much as Sam dreams of a happily ever after, she’s much too realistic and can’t seem to shake the dark clouds of doubt rolling in. Is the promise of domestic bliss bound to be cursed from day one or does the King of Kink have more tricks up his sleeve?

Shit I get this shooting pain across my shoulders and the instant I try to move my arm I realise I can’t. I can’t move either of my arms and the reason my shoulder is cramping like a mother fucker is because I am handcuffed to my headboard. I stretch my neck hard to the left then right to ease some of the muscle tension but it is set like concrete. The fact that I am aching like this means I have been asleep in this position for some considerable time.
“Sam!” I yell out and wait. Nothing. Several more full volume shouts and I get a twinge of unease that she has perhaps left me here and fucked off or worse.  “Sam get your fucking arse back here right now and uncuff me or so help me I swear—” I stop mid shout when the bedroom door opens and Sam enters with a tray of sweet smelling food. Barefoot she silently shuffles across the floor and places the tray on my bedside table. Her smile is timid and my eyes bore into her, watching her every move. She steps back slight out of my reach, not that I could reach but she’s rightly cautious.
“Care to explain?” I rattle the cuffs roughly and she sheepishly bites her lips together.
“They are pretty self explanatory wouldn’t you say?” She lifts the cover on the tray and a warm waft of fresh baked pancakes hits me harder than the fresh cafetierie of coffee beside the plate.
“Okay beautiful what’s going on? You only ever get the pancakes out when you’re worried.” I pull hard against the cuffs and growl with frustration. I need her in my arms and this is unbearable and she will know that. “Talk to me beautiful.”
“I worry you work too hard. You looked so tired last night and I needed to make sure you weren’t going to take off in the middle of the night to go back to work.”
“Why would I take off in the middle of the night?”
“Well, just recently every time your damn phone rings you seem to have to go in to the office.” Her words are clipped with frustration but I can see the genuine concern in her eyes. I breathe out a gentle puff and keep my voice calm. I know she has my best intentions at heart but tying me up was never going to be a great idea.
“This is exceptional. You know it’s not always like this, wait my phone rang? I didn’t hear that. Where is it?” I look to the nightstand where I left my phone on charge but it’s not there. “Sam?” I growl fighting my rising anger.
“See, you were so tired you didn’t even hear it ring.” Her hand drifts behind her and I can only assume my phone is currently perched in her back pocket of her pyjama shorts.
“But I’m awake now so how about you un-cuff me and let me see who called.” I grit out the words slowly through my clenched jaw.
“It was the office…someone called Greg. He didn’t leave a message.” Her hand is still tucked behind her backside.
“Cuffs.” I smile tightly but my jaw is ticking nicely and her eyes hone in on that little muscle as her head shakes slowly.
“How about you let me keep you cuffed and I make it worth your while staying there all day.” Her sensual tone does delicious things to my insides and my painfully hard cock but…
“Tempting but I still have to make that call to Greg. He won’t have called me to shoot the breeze Sam. It will be important.”
“Hmm, a compromise then. I will let you make the call if you let me keep the cuffs on you.”
“That’s not a compromise Sam. That is you getting your way.”
“And that’s bad because?” She fails at her attempt to look sheepish because her eyes shine with utter wickedness.
“It’s not bad baby but it’s definitely not a compromise.” She holds my phone out and waves it in a teasing manner.
“Your call Jason.” She says my name in a sing song carefree tone that makes me flip.
“No.” and there is no misunderstanding my resolute tone.
“I’ll happily play tie up but I won’t be manipulated. Even if it is done with the best intentions beautiful.” I add her nickname to try and soften the curtness and rage that is peaking through my veiled attempt at remaining calm and controlled.
“Shame.” She places the phone next to the breakfast tray and sits beside me, the bed dips only slightly. Her fingers slide beneath the covers and she pulls them down and off the end. I am naked, secured to the bedpost and have the most enormous hard-on that springs to attention as soon as the sheet is dropped. Her hand wraps around the base and she grips me tight. I hiss through my teeth because that pressure is fucking perfect. I can feel the blood surge under her hand and I swell against her hold. She climbs on to the bed, her soft thighs encase mine, her hair forms a curtain partially covering her face when she dips to swipe her tongue over my sensitive tip. Her eyes never leave mine, predatory and scorching. Her tongue takes another swipe and it’s all I can do not to come right then. I suck in a sharp breath and let out an agonising groan when her lips cover the head of my cock and slide down as much as she can in one smooth beautiful move.
“Oh fuck!” I would close my lids, it feels so damn good when she does that but her own dark eyes are fixed on me as she works her way up and down my thick cock. And if that isn’t the hottest thing I don’t know what is. Her hand moves over me in unison with her delicious mouth and her tongue traces lines up my length and then sweeps and swirls over my tip driving me fucking insane. My hips roll to encourage the rhythm she is setting but I am under no illusion she is running this show. Her other hand cups my balls and tugs, her fingertips press the pressure point just behind my sack and I feel the first surge of my climax. I choke out a gasp because her thumb presses firmly on my crown its like a fucking emergency stop. Shit! Before I can voice my objection her hot wet lips are again taking me deep into her mouth and swallowing me down. The climax that had been denied starts to swell immediately in my balls and burns from the base of my spine through every single nerve ending.
My wrists burn with the strain I am putting on the cuffs. I so want to run my hands through her hair and just hold her right there. Mostly to stop her doing that again. I bite back a curse when she does exactly that. Damn it. Her smile is nefarious at best, but I think there might be a sadist lurking when she takes her sweet time dragging her tongue up the length of my throbbing erection after the third denied climax. Her breath is hot and feels like a flame on my raw, sensitive skin when she sighs and rolls back onto her heels.
“About that compromise.” She smiles sweetly and I know from that look in her eyes she could do this for hours. I also know she won’t top me, however delectable her bottom maybe.
“Sorry beautiful what was that you said? I am a little out of it waiting for my next non-orgasm.” Her eyes narrow and she searches my face for any sign of the lie but I am impassive and I have never been so grateful she can’t read the fucking torture this is on my face. She huffs and jumps from the bed. I let out a raucous laugh that sends her face into a furious reddening rage. She snatches up a pancake and forces into my laughing mouth. I continue to laugh while chewing down the food.
“Impossible.” She turns and storms from the room.

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Dee Palmer hates talking about herself in the third person so I won’t. My husband had my iPod engraved one Christmas with ‘sing like no-one’s listening’ and I know my family actually wish they weren’t listening because I am, in fact, tone deaf but it doesn’t stop me and this gentle support has enabled me to fulfil a dream. This has been a truly brilliant experience, I wrote The Choices Trilogy back to back and released them this year just one month apart...Don't you hate waiting for the next book in a series? The entire process has undoubtedly been made possible by my incredibly supportive family. I know this is very much an acknowledgment but I know I wouldn’t be writing even this single paragraph if it wasn’t for them so this is about who I am, I am because they let me be.

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