Friday 15 September 2017

Release Blitz for Simply Austin by Gina Robinson

Title: Simply Austin
Series: Jet City Kilt #4
Author: Gina Robinson
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 14, 2017


A kilt meets dress modern love story. Simply smart, funny romance!

If you like men who look hot in kilts, the allure of the Scottish Highlands, and funny, poignant romance, then you’ll love Simply Austin, the romantic conclusion of Gina Robinson’s light, fun contemporary romance Jet City Kilt Series.

Seattle physician Blair Edwards and cosplaying entrepreneur Austin MacDougall are finally in Scotland to film their promo teasers for the upcoming season of Jamie, the wildly popular TV series about Highland laird Jamie Sinclair. Austin and Blair once again meet up with the charming, charismatic actors from the show and face some of their biggest challenges yet as they confront two of their fiercest enemies. Will they finally get their happily-ever-after in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands?

Find out why readers love Gina Robinson’s good guy heroes, the strong women they fall for, and their funny, witty, romantic stories.

The Jet City Kilt Series

Reading order:

Although the Almost and Simply books can be read out of order, for the most reading enjoyment, read the Almost books first, followed by the Simply books.

These two books must be read in order:

Almost Jamie
Almost Elinor

These two books must be read in order:

Simply Blair
Simply Austin

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Austin pulled me to him and slid the hair off my neck and over my shoulder. "You're wearing my favorite dress from that shopping trip you dragged me on for this vacation."
"Am I?"
He nodded and gently traced my neck with the back of his fingers just the way I liked. But then, I liked nearly every way he touched me.
He lifted the silver luckenbooth brooch I'd pinned to my dress and examined it with a wry grin on his face. "And you're wearing my brooch." He looked up at me from beneath long, thick lashes. "I sneaked this brooch on you without telling you the significance and let you take it, hoping it would mean something more to you later. Do you know the meaning of the luckenbooth?"
"Oh, aye." I nodded solemnly. "The tealeaf reader told me. She recognized it immediately."
"And yet you're still wearing it?"
"I kept it near even when I couldn't remember you specifically."
"Me, specifically?" His small smile grew until it lit his whole face. "You remembered me in general, then?"
I grinned back at him. How was it he always made me smile? "The brooch made me happy. So yes, smart aleck, I remembered you in general."
Even given the craziness of the conversation, he seemed to like my answer. "Now that you remember, you might recall we were talking about getting married."
I nodded. My heart raced. "I do. Are you proposing?" He shook his head. "No. When I propose, there will be no doubt in your mind you're being proposed to."
Still holding the brooch with one hand, he caught my wrist with the other without breaking his gaze. "I'm serious, Blair. Women plan their weddings from the time they're little girls. Guys go carelessly through life, not thinking too hard on it until it becomes obvious we have to think of a special way to pop the question."
"What are you asking?" I shook my hand free of his grip and grabbed him by the shoulders, amused, touched, and sorry I was giving him so much trouble. He was clearly insecure and wondering where we stood. "Are you wondering if it's still worth the trouble? If I've changed my mind?"
He nodded. "I guess I am." He paused. "You've been in an accident. Had a nasty bump on the head. You could have come to your senses and changed your mind. If you need more time—"
"I don't need any more time to know my mind." I stroked his hair and his soft red curls. "I haven't forgotten I love you. The accident did me a favor—it showed me what my life would be like if I'd never met you. I don't want that life. Not at all."

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Author Bio

Gina Robinson is the bestselling and award-winning author of the new Jet City Kilt series, the popular Billionaire Matchmaker, Switched at Marriage and Billionaire Duke romantic comedy series, featuring a billionaire in business with a matchmaker, a billionaire in a surprising marriage of convenience, and a billionaire who inherits a British dukedom, the Reckless and Rushed contemporary new adult romance series, and the Agent Ex series of humorous romantic suspense novels. Her books have delighted readers and received praise in Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Romantic Times Book Reviews.

She writes romance and women's fiction across a wide variety of subgenres—new adult, contemporary, historical, romantic suspense and romantic comedy.

Her love stories are infused with a happy blend of romance, adventure, a bit of mystery, and humor. Readers are drawn to the light touch she gives even serious topics and the fast, fun, easy-to-read pace of her books. From college campus to Seattle to Las Vegas to England, her settings become almost characters of their own, driving the story.

She believes in the power of true love and passion, and that every great romance should have a happily-ever-after.

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