Saturday 13 January 2018

Release Blitz for Bennett by Haley Jenner

Title: Bennett
Series: Leaves of a Maple #3
Author: Haley Jenner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2018


Bennett James was out of my league. Beautiful. Charismatic. Addictive. He was the type of man that women fawn over, that could have anyone his heart (or his insatiable libido) desired. He was never supposed to notice me and he sure as hell was never meant to pursue me.

Darci Walker is an enigma. Guarded but wild, if she lets you close enough, and therein lies my problem. My sweet, untamed addiction liked to play timid. That was her first lapse in judgment. Turned me to fire, kick-started a game of cat and mouse I couldn’t get enough of. Me, the Big Bad Wolf. Darci, my sinfully, sexy Riding Hood.

One night led to an addiction neither one of us wanted to overcome. Two nights led to something a little… more. Whether we were ready or not, our connection solidified itself in forever. I was ready, I was willing. Now, if only I could get her to stay the night....

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“So, how you feelin’ after today?” I change the mood with a quick drawl of my vocal cords, letting my soft-spoken burr flow through my cell with unconcealed need.
Darci coughs, clears her throat and swallows audibly down the line. “Good.”
“Good? Feel I left you a little, I don’t know, unfulfilled?”
She laughs quietly, the sound bashful and maybe a little embarrassed. “You don’t understand how much doing that for you does for me then.”
“You can say sucking my cock, Riding Hood. I don’t understand how much sucking my cock does for you.”
“Yeah,” she concedes on a breath.
“Still,” I shift on my bed, my cock already hardening at just the thought of Darci’s red lips circling my knob. “I feel like I left you, I don’t know, without a hard place.”
Her amused laughter tickles my eardrums and I pull my arm from behind my head, pushing my hand into my boxers. “So, I thought, because you’re not here, we could have a little fun this way.”
“Like, phone sex?” She gulps and my cock grows rock solid at her modesty. It still drives me crazy with need. I love my uninhibited Darci, but I love, fucking go wild over my shy and humble girl. I feel her timid and demure fumbling stroke along my ego like she does my dick.
“Yeah, baby, like phone sex.”
“Oh.” I could imagine the circular purse of her lips, the soft O her brightly painted mouth would create with that discreet whimper.
“Turn face-time on for me, Riding Hood.”
It’s an instruction. A quietly bitten demand spoken with temptation.
“You wanna watch?” Her voice hits an octave I’ve never heard from her before and I wait only a second to let her calm down before I speak again.
“Damn fucking straight I wanna watch, Darci. I wanna see what me talking you through what I’d do to your body if I was there, does to you.”
She whimpers into her cell and I smile triumphantly. “Get naked. Call me back on face-time.” I end the call, removing my boxers and waiting for her to call me back. It takes her a few minutes, but I knew it would. Knew she’d take a moment to freak out before swallowing her nerves, her need for release winning out, as it always seems to. Her cheeks are bright red, her eyes wide under the frame of her glasses, when our call connects and I can finally see her face.
“Prop your call on your bedside table, Riding Hood. When you’ve done that, lie back on the bed, legs open so I can see all of you.”
I hear her movements, but the screen remains at her face, unwilling to move it to her naked skin just yet. “Are you naked?”
I lick my lips at the coy question, nodding my head on an arch of my eyebrow.
She disappears from the screen, her bed coming in to full view. “Can you see the bed?”
“Yeah, baby.” My voice cracks, making my desperate need for her obvious.
Walking towards her bed, I watch her beautifully sculpted body climb into position, gifting me the most suggestive view of pussy and ass. “Are you wet?”
Turning, she lays back on her elbows, her legs bent to shield my view of her face. “Drenched,” she admits, slowly parting her thighs to give me what I want.

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Author Bio

A blonde. A brunette. A tea lover. A coffee addict. Two people. One pen name. Haley Jenner is made up of Hailey Bond and Jenna McIntyre. They’re pals, besties if you will, maybe even soulmates. Consider them the ultimate in split personality, exactly the same, but completely different.

They reside on the Gold Coast, in Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland. They lead ultra-busy lives as working mums, but wouldn’t want it any other way.

Books are a large part of their lives. Always have been and they’re firm believers that reading is an essential part of living. Escaping with a good story is one of their most favorite things, even to the detriment of sleep.

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