Monday, 15 April 2013

My first giveaway and hop, For any of the fab books by Nicole Andrews Moore

Hi this is my giveaway and to kick this one off we have three eBooks anything done by Nicole Andrews Moore. this giveway will run till the April 22th. I'am away from the 23rd April so do my best to all info of the winners to Nicole asap. 

                Hiding Out Short Excerpt

“Is that what you like?” The words had come out all wrong. What she really intended was to check for understanding. She should have said, ‘Would you like me to handle that?’ The minute the words escaped the safe but sensual confines of her lips, Haley Iverson cringed on the other end of the phone. What was it about that man that made her bungle her phrasing? She bit her lip while she awaited a response.

Samuel Davenport’s eye brows had arched instantly. Every time he spoke with his assistant, he was left feeling like a dissatisfied 1-900 caller. It was something in her voice, the sexy, yet professional way she spoke. Or maybe it was in the way he imagined her soft, full lips curving to form each word. It might be the way he pictured her sitting at her desk with her shapely legs crossed, exposing ample calf, slender ankle, and whichever open toed shoe she was sporting that day. He shook his head slightly to focus on the question at hand.

Is that what you like? He wrapped his mind around the question. “Oh, yes, Miss Iverson,” he said, his response immediately taking on a double meaning. He pushed the button to disconnect then, and leaned back in his leather chair, spent.

                                                         Author Bio

Nicole Andrews Moore has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina with her children for the past eleven years and her husband for the past three years. Her journey has barely begun yet she's loving every minute of it. Every day of her life seems to bring new adventures, some bigger, better, shinier and prettier than others. She's still getting used to that new life smell she's experiencing, a combination of hope, love, and happiness. (The perfect scents to build a new life on...) For fun, she spends time with those she cares about, cooks, reads, writes, and especially lives to travel.The current travel goal: visit every Margaritaville. Two down! (Eleven to go?) In addition to writing on Suddenly Single Journey, her writing can also be found on Shine, where she is a Shine Parenting Guru and an award winning Yahoo! Contributor on Shine as the relationship and dating expert. Nicole has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers. Her books can be found on Smashword and Amazon.

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  5. I LOVE the book you chose for this giveaway. It sounds really GOOD!! I'm looking forward to reading this one!! Thank you so much for your generous giveaway prize!! Thank you so much for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!