Friday, 24 July 2015

***Second City Signing 2015***

          The week leading up to Second City Signing was nothing but crazy. Finding time to pack all my things, making sure I had enough make- up.  Not only was I going Second City Signing, I was going to be there as a PA and a blogger.

          Friday I spend most of my day travelling to Birmingham. Massively worth the early morning and long time traveling as soon as I got there that’s when all the fun began. Meeting up again with good friends.
          Friday night everyone got together for the talk with Lorella Belli. Followed by Carrie Anne Ward giving us an insight into the world of BDSM. It gave us all the time to catch up, meet new people and off course let our hair down and relaxed before the big day. Off course we had a little drinkie, help kick the nervous for the next day.

          Saturday morning, yet another early start making sure we had time to get sorted, looking as perfect as we can look, before dragging ourselves to the big yellow fun bus was the start of our day then off to St Andrew's. Talk about reminding me of my school days.


      As soon as we got there it was all hands on deck, sorting everything out making sure the table looked perfect. All the stuff what to hand for throughout the signing. Shortly after finishing sorting the table, we ran around collecting as many pre-orders and possible. Leaving more time to get things signed later on. The signing seemed to go so quickly, I spent most of my time at the table while it was really busy as soon as it had calmed down a bit I went off to do the blogger side. My poor feet was sore for all the running around I did, definitely worth it though.  With the author’s all been spread around the venue, it gave me time to see them all and talk. Not to forget getting them to sign half a ton of goodies.


Saturday Night, time to let our hair down and get to the dance floor. It was amazing seeing so many people dressed up. It gave us all some time to sit and catch up, while having a little drinkie. Watching everyone get there grove on and singing. Even though I didn’t have the guts to get up and sing.

          I must say for myself I had a wicked time, and loved meeting some fab new friends. Thank you Cassie, Kelly and Stalker H for all your hard word making sure that everything ran as smooth as it could. Thank you to all the Authors that attended you all rock. 

Aaron thank you so much for taking all the photographs it’s so nice to see what I missed.

 Let’s not forget the Models it will be dam hard to forget them.
 to all the team at
 Uncovered Models ,Garrick, Rick, Bailey and Lucy.
Scott King and Tony


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