Monday, 19 May 2014

**Belated** Mardi Maxwell ~ Jackson's Sub ~ Tour/Review

Who will win when a determined Dom pursues a stubborn submissive? A year ago, Jackson Ramsey sent Jenna Parnelle away after she gave him one night of passionate submission. At the time, he’d believed he was saving her from his temper and jealous nature but Jenna believes Jackson had been slumming with the chubby girl from the poor side of town.

A year later she finds herself staying at the Ramsey ranch. Already dreading being in the same house with Jackson, her problems multiply when Jackson begins to pursue her. The last year has taught Jackson that he's not the kind of man who would hurt a woman, much less the only woman he's ever loved. Now he has to convince Jenna, who has decided to protect herself from further heartbreak.


Hot book filled with lot’s of spanking action, and scorching sex scenes.

Jenna has wanted Jackson for years, but when you're the fat girl and from the wrong side of the tracks. sometimes you don’t always get what you want.
Jackson has always wanted Jenna but always felt that he could not give her what she need. The one night they get together Jackson pushing Jenna away after. A year later Jenna is back to help Addison plan out her wedding, and hell don’t we see the sparks fly with Jackson and Jenna.

Jenna and Addison friendship is fab, with Addison always having a plan up her sleeves that always ends in trouble you can not help but laugh.

With all the spanking in this book you can not overlook the bit twist which plays a big part, and I’am not tell you any more because it will spoil it.

The story is fast paced in parts which was good when I finally got into. All in all, this was a enjoyable and heartfelt read with some fab characters You also get to catch up with some of the characters from the previous book lol if you read the first book unlike me but I still enjoy it.

Book 1 of The Doms of Club Mystique

To Love and Obey

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I’m an avid reader of romance, especially erotic romance, so it just made sense for me to write what I love to read. I began writing short stories in high school but it wasn’t until college that I discovered how much I truly enjoy the writing process—researching an idea, creating an imaginary setting, populating it with characters and then telling their story.

Like most people, life keeps me busy, but I write every day. If I’m not writing, I’m reading or plotting my next book, or the next scene in the book I’m working on. The romances I enjoy the most have laughter, tears, hot lovers who overcome obstacles to be together, scorching-hot sex scenes, and happy endings. The only book I’ll read where one of the main characters dies is a vampire novel where they get to come back for an eternal happy ending.

When I’m not writing I enjoy gardening (unsuccessfully but persistently), spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and dreaming about my next book.

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