Friday, 19 December 2014

***Fab Author's Christmas Questions*** Maya James

For fun I asked some Fab author's some Christmas questions and here are the answers..

enjoy xoxo

Maya James

Name 10 best gifts you would love to get from your friends?

10 best gifts from friends: Just their friendship, I prefer to give over receiving

When do you start shopping for Christmas?

When do I start shopping: I'll pick some things up earlier, but the bulk of it begins at the start of November

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

I've never recycled a gift, even if I don't like or need one, the thought of it means to much to me to give it away

What's your favourite part about Christmas?

Favorite part of Christmas: I love the memories and feeling like a little kid

What your favourite Christmas food?

ham and cranberry sauce

Favourite Christmas song?

Merry Christmas by the Waitresses

Favourite Christmas film?

t's a Wonderful Life

Would you be on Santa’s naughty or nice list?  

Naughty lister over here

What hottie would you love to dress up as your Santa?

My spouse will forever by my only Santa

What book character would you kissed under the mistletoe?

Anyone from one of my books, not because I wanna brag, but because I've imagined then all to the point it feels like they are real


Charity Powers and Justin Collins face
down their final challenges and elicit desires in the last of their passionate
series. Almost a year has passed since their romance began and they’ve overcome
obstacles together that they could never have endured alone—and they’ll need
each other now more than ever!
Their powerful love is ready and
eager for the next evolution of their relationship, but Brian Marker has
returned for his revenge. The gifted assassin in Justin can sense the ruthless
killer all around them, hunting them, closing in, and it’s time to begin the
plans he’s been protecting from everyone, even Charity. Senator Lewis moves
closer to the presidential candidacy with Panther’s help, and a power struggle
larger than anyone was prepared for unfolds around them. Panther Inc. must pass
hands to Garrett so Justin and Charity can run across the world to drive their stalker
out into the open to face them.
Charity and Justin refuse to let
anything come between them and their lust for each other. They accept their
fate with all the erotic heat they both have craved from the beginning, a fire
so intense that it ignites flames in those around them.
But there are always dark and
dangerous corners and those wicked souls hiding within them. With the light at
the end of the tunnel before them so bright that they can see the rest of their
happy lives together, will Charity and Justin make it to God’s alter in bliss—or

The unbridled heat continues
between the beautiful Charity Powers and her gorgeous and passionate assassin
for hire, Justin Collins. He exists only to love her and keep her safe, but
that’s not so easy when she is such a force of life. Charity makes it her
mission to heal Justin’s wounded path, but to do it, she must hide terrible,
dangerous secrets from him that risk their entire relationship.
The holidays arrive filled with wonderful
sentiments that leave each of these lovers closer than ever, but just as the
celebrations come to a close, one of their dearest friends is brutally
attacked. There needs to be retribution, and both Justin and Charity deliver it.
In the process, evidence of a traitor is discovered on the Panther team,
jeopardizing not just everything they’ve worked for—but their very lives.
Discovering Charity’s secrets
devastates Justin, but his broken heart is no rival to the fury of learning
that his beautiful obsession is being hunted. Rescuing her leads him to the
truths of this past.
Nothing can contain Justin’s devotion
and intensity. Charity has to be kept safe. The traitor and their enemies,
personal and political, must be eliminated if they are going to survive.


Charity Powers is a young, intelligent woman that has left
behind her predictable small town life, and even more predictable lover, to
gamble on a fresh start in New York. She arrives with no leads or friends, just
an armful of optimism and determination. When an attack at a local bar, a
possible kidnapping attempt on her, is thwarted by a stranger, her life takes
on an unforeseen turn.
 Gorgeous and overly experienced Justin Collins saves Charity
from her attacker, and continues to save her in many other ways. “He’s
just the right mix of gentleman and caveman,” is how she describes him.  He gives her exactly what she wants, and
almost everything she needs, but his damaged past makes it impossible for him
to commit.
At a new job, she falls into an online relationship with JP,
the company’s owner.  She hasn’t seen
him, but he fills the gaps of Justin’s absences and feeds a fire Justin left
The return of her ex-lover exposes the dangerous secrets
around her—one of these men has the power and connections to keep her safe at
any cost, and the endless love for her to use this power or give it up to keep

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