Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dawn Robertson ~ Hers Blog Tour & Review

 Seven James is a stubborn woman. Strong, independent, sexual, and heartless. She takes what she wants with little care about others or their feelings. After a fucked up childhood, no one blames her. But when Levi Parker walks into her life, all bets are off.

If there is one thing Seven James is good at, it is hiding her scars. The scars of her childhood. The scars depicting the years of self loathing. Most of all the scars of a broken heart. When Daniel Alexander walked out of her life for the warm arm and trust fund of blonde bombshell Samantha Reese Warner, Seven knew her life would never be the same.

Levi Parker is a gorgeous playboy businessman, making his way through the Manhattan singles scene. A divorcee with little time for commitment, he has a big secret to hide. His need for new found sexual kink in the bedroom.A chance meeting at a club makes him question his single lifestyle for the first time ever, as he aches to chase the petite, tattooed brunette who rocked his world. 

But, when the woman in question, Seven James, walks into his board room, and tramples his boss all hope is lost.

What does the future hold for Seven, Daniel, and Levi?

Warning!!!! Hers contains sexually explicit situations that may be uncomfortable for some. These include FF, FMF, and MFM interactions

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What a kick ass quick read this was. The story was Hot Hot Hot from start to end. Don't we love abit of kink and lots of hot sex, yep ticked all my boxes..

Seven is a strong independent women, CEO, oh and a Dominatrix, that's right she's the boss in every way shape and form and thats the way Seven likes it.
It was fab to read about a a booming successful woman for a change and Dawn Robertson has done it here with her debut book.

Seven may have not had the best start in life with having a lousy upbringing and then Daniel her boyfriend breaks what little self esteem she had left, but Seven did not rest on her laurels, all the crap is what made her the firecracker she is today, and first of all she us going to get revenge on Daniel Alexander.

After buying the company right from underneath Daniel's nose Seven goes out celebrating and goes to a kinky club for some fun and ends up taking home the delicious Levi. They have a scorching hot time together then Seven kicks him out.

That's all I am shareing lol coz it's a fab book and I don't want to spoil it for you.
I loved the story and the writing style draws you in and makes you feel what the characters are feeling. All the characters are well written, I really like how Dawn shows you how they all have developed throughout the book.

Well Dawn I thought this book rocked and I cannot wait for Willow to come out.

4 Whip Review 

Dawn is a woman of many colors. Born and raised in the North-East, the youngest child of three, to two hard working, and extremely dedicated parents, she thrived on her love for creative writing.

 Her commitment to hard work lead her down a number of career paths over the years, stopping with her love for fiction.

In a bold, and unexpected move, she quit her full-time nine to five gig to thrust herself into her debut erotic novel, Hers.
Dawn is a mother, entrepreneur, and self proclaimed book whore.

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