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Indie Author Event ~ S. H. Pratt & Giveaways!!

Author, Liviann Walsh, was odd… she admitted it freely and openly. She considered herself a hobbit among giants who was odd… she worked odd hours; had an odd job; and enjoyed odd hobbies. When her life in Northern California turns sour, Livi, unable to turn to her parents as their relationship is rancorous and strained, moves to Olympia, Washington. There, she turns to the only constant source of comfort and home she’s ever known – her cousin and best friend, Ryan.

Tristan McDermott, drama professor and rock hound, thrilled with a geode found while hiking, stops by his friend, Ryan’s, house to show it off. As soon as his eyes land on Ryan’s diminutive cousin, he is lost. She is reticent and wary; beautiful and interesting and it is all Tristan can do to convince Livi to date him… to let him into her life.

Enlisting Ryan’s help in his endeavor, Tristan begins to infiltrate Livi’s defenses and heart. Drawn inexplicably to Tristan, Livi finds herself daring to open up and hope for a new source of comfort – an addition to her idea of home. When asked to sell the rights to one of her books, Livi bravely asks Tristan to write the screenplay – he agrees, realizing she is offering her trust as well.

But when a stalker threatens to destroy their fragile home and burgeoning love, Tristan and Livi become aware of the shift in their situation both publicly and personally. Faced with this reality, can Livi confront her long ingrained fears and her parents and is Tristan’s love strong enough to protect them both? 

Katherine Delaford had had enough...
She’d had enough lies; enough cheating; enough abuse and she was finished with men. When her second marriage ended with an extended stay in the hospital after nearly dying at the hands of her ex-husband, she swore off men and vowed never to trust another one with her shattered heart. Using her anger and mistrust as her most powerful weapons, Kat succeeds in keeping her vow… until Paul Morgan, with his quiet temerity and gentle gallantry, turned her life completely upside down.

Paul Morgan was no stranger to trouble and had been dealt his share of misery and then some. Life had taught him that people were not to be trusted and that he could only count on himself. So in an effort to avoid more misery, he withdrew into himself, keeping people at arm’s length… until he met Kat Delaford. Paul could no more explain why he was drawn so inexorably to the angry and hostile woman than he could have changed the past that haunted him. He was simply unable to resist the urge to be with Kat.

Drawn toward the light of friendship and sincere kindness, Kat found herself letting go of her anger and allowing Paul to lead her into the warmth that he offered. When Paul saves Kat from her abusive ex-husband, she comes to understand that Paul’s past looms heavy over him and Paul, when faced with dealing with his past or losing Kat, struggles to accept the help and support that she offers. Can they overcome their respective pasts and reach for the love that is offered, or will the past destroy their love before the gentleman can be with his lady?

Aislinn Jane O’Rourke, AJ to her business associates, was tough. She was known to be the 
Jacoby Weston was a confident man, arrogantly secure in his prowess, who liked a challenge. Many things challenged Jacoby… the daily running of his business, the negotiation of life with a broken and dysfunctional family… but women did not challenge him. Women were a pleasant diversion but never for more than one night in his basement. Until he met Aislinn O’Rourke during negotiations for a choice piece of property that he wanted.
Fascinated by her intelligence, her ethics and her incredibly sexy body, Jacoby met the challenge that Aislinn presented with an uncharacteristic fervor. The more she rebuffed him, the more he wanted her. Upon the conclusion of their business deal, Aislinn and Jacoby negotiate a new deal - a deal with higher stakes than either expected… their hearts.
With the paparazzi stalking them, their pasts looming over them and mysterious events that unsettle them, Aislinn and Jacoby struggle to keep their budding relationship from being destroyed while trying to control the intense, pulsing desire that drives it. Can Aislinn and Jacoby negotiate the challenges of a relationship without compromising their hearts?  

strongest and most brutally honest negotiator in the state with rigidly upstanding business ethics and high morals. Anyone who knew Aislinn knew she was formidable and powerful. The standard to which Aislinn led her business was the standard to which she led her life. Men were unnecessary and unable to satisfy her mentally, emotionally or sexually. As one of Seattle’s most eligible and wealthy, Aislinn preferred a low profile, free of the entanglements that men represented.


 Get To Know You Interview 

Tell us is there any think about you that people don't all ready know?  

I’m the youngest of seven with a 22 year spread between myself and my oldest sibling; my oldest nephew is 2 weeks older than me and my oldest niece is 11 months younger. 

Your books are so emotional. How long does it take for you to be able to get the characters out of your mind and move on to the next?

I always seem to have more than one story fluttering in my head and in my word processor at the same time.  For instance, right now, I’m working on a pair of stories, one takes place in Montana while the other takes place in Washington and they take place simultaneously with twin brothers as the leading men, one in each book. 

Are the names of the characters in your novels important? 

Not really except in the context of the books LOL. 

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?  

Sane?  I wasn’t sane to begin with.  I have some very good friends who keep me from going sane.   

How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?  

I remember that even the best-selling, most popular writers have had bad reviews.  If I’m really feeling down about one, I will go to a favorite best-selling book on Amazon and read some of the “bad reviews” there.  It keeps things in perspective for me. 

What was the hardest part of writing your book? 

Usually the sex scenes… weird for a romance writer? 

 Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?  

I’ve learned something from every single book I’ve written, whether it is ins and outs of writing screenplays as in Always My Love, or the steps to priesthood in The Gentleman’s Lady, or about sleep disorders in Into the Heart of Desire.  Plus I learn a little something about myself and my capabilities with each one. 
Who designed the covers? 
The last cover, Into the Heart of Desire, is my favorite so far and it was designed by myself and created by my husband. 

Describe in 5 words, your writing:  

Psychologically stimulating; Emotional; Intense; Sweet 

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? 

LOL… a Catholic nun. 

What do you use to write your book? 

If you mean tools… I have a laptop for writing and research as well as a tablet for quick access to a dictionary and thesaurus.   

Do you listen to music while you writing or reading? 

Absolutely I listen to music.  The story that takes place in Montana that I’m working on is the second in a series that was inspired by Ben Howard’s Depth Over Distance and Imagine Dragons Demons. 

Tell us your latest news?
The next Heart’s Desire Novel, follow up to Into the Heart of Desire, will be released in late February 2014. 

What book are you reading now?  

After the Storm by M. Stratton. 

Do you have a nickname?

Not if the person wants to live.  Nicknames typically drive me nuts… and yet I’ve given them to my kids… huh, go figure. 

What are your pet peeves?
When someone leaves the lights blazing or the TV on without being in the room or intending to return.  I prefer mellow lighting unless I’m quilting in which I prefer natural lighting.  I know, I’m strange. LOL 

Do you ever write naked? 

Uh.  NO 

What is your favourite Starbuck’s/coffee shop drink? 

First off, Starbuck’s is NASTY (I live in the PNW and can honestly say this with a clear conscience).  I prefer really good espresso in the form of a nuclear hot skim milk quad shot (or more) mocha. 

What's your favourite fruit? 

Strawberries… preferably with Nutella. 

What's your favourite tv show? 

I don’t really watch TV… but I like football or baseball, depending on the time of year.  

One of your favourite quotes 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”  George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons 

Do you enjoy giving interviews? 

Well, this is only my second one and neither has been in person, just in writing, so I don’t mind them.   

Top Ten Book Boyfriends  

Oh dear… let’s see… I’m kind of picky but I came up with eight. I’ll countdown to the top man… 
8- Gideon Cross: Crossfire Series 
7- Christian Grey: FSOG 
6- Dag: Rule of Three 
5- Trent Maddox: Beautiful & Walking Disaster 
4- Gabriel Emerson: Gabriel’s Inferno Series 
3- Marc D’Alessio: Nobody’s Angel of the Rescue Series 
2- Travis Maddox:  Beautiful & Walking Disaster 
And my all-time favorite:  1- Simon Parker, Mr. Wallbanger himself. 

Five Fun Facts:

1- I love all things Irish (drinking, whiskey, Belleek, sweaters, Inis… just to name a few LOL) 
2- I love to watch action/adventure movies… especially the Transformers movies and the Fast and Furious movies. 
3- I haven’t read anything in the last year that hasn’t been written by an Indie author. 
4- My favorite dog breed is a wolf hybrid. 

5- I mark everything I create (books or quilts) with a shamrock. 

Thank you so much for taking part. We can't wait to read more work from you.

I'm a wife and mother of three super kids. I'm originally from Montana but transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in 1999. I currently live in Olympia, Washington where most of my stories are set.
I began writing in high school but didn't really pursue it seriously until 2011. My hope is that people will read and enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy creating it.

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