Monday, 11 November 2013

Kelli Lockheart ~ To Cast A Stone (Goddess Redemption #1) Review

Do you love a hot paranormal romantic erotica story?

"The Goddess Redemption Series" will give you an exciting and sensual reading experience & awaken your innermost desires."
“Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, was in love. Many suitors had tried for her heart and her maidenhead, but they belonged only to Orion, her companion of the hunt. The lovers had tired of hunting regular game and were looking for a greater challenge, one to suit the skills they possessed as gods.”

“The shifters were part man, part beast and all cunning. Some were designed from wolves, some from leopards and tigers, others; she formed from bears, both black and brown. They were the perfect prey, these creatures she created to join the hunt. But what happens when the balance of nature is no longer held in check and the hunters no longer hunt?”

˃˃˃ This is the first part in The Goddess Redemption Series. A Paranormal Romance Erotica.
In this installment of the Redemption series, a cruel twist of fate causes the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, to take the life of her lover, Orion, on the day of their betrothal. As punishment, Zeus locks her away in a stone prison, vowing that she would always search for love and never find it, that her stubbornness and anger rule her and that his death lay at her feet. He strips her of her power and knowledge and casts her in stone. Her punishment is swift and severe. The goddess of love has other designs for the Huntress and works out a plan for Artemis to redeem herself and come home. What entails is a story of redemption, a story of true change, and a tale of a desire that burns feverishly in every heart. But there is also a deeper lesson to be learned along the journey. Great power should be shown great respect.

˃˃˃ WARNING: Due to explicit sexual material, adult language, and scenes of violence, this book is appropriate for mature readers only!  

I must say before reading this I was not a big paranormal/mythology reader, but I must say this was a fab short read.

The book is told from multiple pov’s though the main focus is on  Artemis, but after unforeseen circumstances in love she is left to learn the hard way and the key to that was control.

Each book from the Goddess Redemption series shows us key elements in life to learn from.

The character basics were everything I love in a hero and heroine.

The scenes the characters are revealed in layers, their fears, hurt, pain, the desolation of loneliness,

 Kelli writhing is really creative she draws you into her books and paints a great picture in

 your head fab book..

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