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Indie Author Event ~ T.L. Sieving & 2 Giveaways!!

After a betrayal she never saw coming, Luciana Stevens moves to New York City to carve out a new life for herself, starting with her first semester at NYU. 

She quickly learns her roommate is the very wealthy Sam Renault, whose father owns one of the most powerful financial firms in the world.

Introduced to a world that she never knew existed, full of glamor and unlimited perks, sexy A-list actor, Jax, ignites her interest from the moment they meet.

As she lets go of her heartbreaking past, she opens herself up to a world of passion and love she never expected as Jax treats her the way she's never been-- like a goddess.

 But after an unexpected and dangerous turn of events, along with the blossoming of an unlikely friendship, Lucy will be forced to re-evaluate her love life... forever.

I can't find the batteries anywhere, Sam must have moved them. 
“Yo, woman! Where are the AA batteries I just bought?”
 “Check my vibrator!” 
Really, Sam? Thankfully we're the only ones here. “Nice, Sam, are they seriously in there?” 
“Yea, I was out! What's more important, watching sitcoms or getting off? Come on, you should understand this better than me since you've missed out on 'man made' orgasms for the past four years!” 
Oh my God, can she be any louder? Although, she did have a point. “Hey, you want to open the door and yell that down our street Sam, or…” Shit! Really?! “Oh, Hi Jax,” I say as I see him standing by the door listening to us.
 “How is it that you've gone four years without an orgasm?” Jax asks me with a smirk.
 “Oh Jax, that is not a very gentleman thing to ask. But isn’t it usually the gentleman’s fault?” I say in a fake southern accent and chuckle. 
He laughs before telling me, “Lucy we will talk about this!”
 We are so not talking about this.
 Most of the time we end up staying in and drinking a bottle of wine while we watch movies or TV shows. Those are the best nights. Tonight is different. We are going to the ‘Green Door,’ an extremely private restaurant that is exclusive for VIPs. We don’t go to places like this often, but we are celebrating our new place and Sam’s graduation tonight so it's in order. Sam graduated in four years with top honors and is going to work for her dad who owns the largest investment firm on Wall Street, Renault Financial.
“This isn’t fair Lucy. In four years I can’t come up with a better word than gorgeous but I need one for you. You’re striking. You take my breath away.” Jax says as he wraps his arms around me. Jax screams pure sex even when he walks around in his casual clothes. He looks even better than when we met four years ago. I love how he’s so complimentary to me. He always calls me gorgeous and I always blush. A girl needs to hear that every once in awhile and I certainly don’t mind hearing it from a man of his stature. His hug lingers and I feel this jolt of electricity as he holds me in his arms. As his body's pressed against mine I can feel how tight his chest is. I'm suddenly very aware of his entire body against mine. I react with a sense of excitement in my core that I haven’t enjoyed in so long, and it feels amazing.
Welcome back, sex drive. I’ve missed you. 

     Get To Know You Interview   

    Your books are so emotional. How long does it take for you to be able to get the characters out of your mind and move on to the next?

    I finished the book just a few months ago and they are still in my head. I had a hard time telling Lucy to take the 2nd seat over so I could start Sam's book. Once I did it was so much easier but since I am writing a series they will be in my head for awhile.

    Are the names of the characters in your novels important?

    Some of the are important and some are made up. :) Only the people who know them will understand the names or nic names I used.

    What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

    For me it has been patience and rest. I can't write just because I have time to do it, I have to have the energy and right state of mind to write. The characters tell me where they want to go and if they don't tell me I don't try and write it.

    What was the hardest part of writing your book?

    The hardest part of the book for me was my part 1 which is the back story.  I knew the story that I wanted to write but I had to give her a back story. That proved to be very difficult for me to write and I had about 3 versions before the final version that is in the book.

    Do you listen to music while you writing or reading? 

    don't like to listen to anything when I write, I like it silent.  However, I like to listen to a few songs right before I write. For this book it was WORK B by Britney Spears and EVERYTHING CHANGES by Taylor Swift

    Tell us your latest news?

    I finally have a name and cover for book 2, Sam's Story is Never Lost... Breaking News, Ana's Story is called...Always Lost!
Thank you so much for taking part. We can't wait to read more work from you.

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